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Mount Rinjani Open For Climber June 2019

Good news for climbers who love climb the mountain in the world because Rinjani Volcano which is the best mount in Indonesia this moment open and can be climbed for a few months until the end of December 2019.
Trekking Mount Rinjani is opened by the government after closing because of the earthquake in Lombok 29 July 2018. The earthquakes come many times made some climbing route damage due to landslides and resulting in trauma society especially those who work as mount guide and porter in Rinjani.

After being checked the path several times by officers Rinjani National Park, guide and porter in two gates climbing Sembalun and Senaru Villages find some route damage but has fixed already. This moment, the worthiness trekking route to Rinjani from some climbing gates guarantee can be passed by the tourist.

The ceremony opening Mount Rinjani Volcano on Friday morning 14th June 2019 in Sembalun District office. The ceremony attended by stakeholders like the head of Rinjani National Park, head of a tourism department West Nusa Tenggara and head of Sembalun District.

Rinjani National Park under the minister of Indonesia forestry issue a new policy begins this year for limiting amount of climbers to Rinjnai volcano through four gates trekking to Rinjani that already opened such as Sembalun 150, Senaru 150, TimbaNuh 100 and Aikberik 100 visitors. this applied to adjust carrying capacity Nasional
park area. It’s forgiving comfort to every tourist that climb Rinjani mount. Because of that, remember charring capacity has started then for you that want to trek To Mount Rinjani must order the tour minimum three days before climbing in order get entrance fee to the National Park.

This moment, trekking to Rinjani only open until Crater Rim from all routes in east Lombok, North Lombok, and central Lombok. While climbing to the top and go down to the like are still closing while waiting for survey to summit and lake trek. Special for summit only be able to access from Sembalun.

Checking the path to the top and go down to the lake will be done by Rinjani National park Officers and the team from local people. Because of that, for those of you that want to climb Rinjani have to wait patiently the trekking route safe to climb.